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The purpose of this program would be to mentor young African American males on different aspects of life. The Program will center on The 4 Cardinal Principles of the Fraternity: Within each Cardinal Principle, a detailed list of activities will serve as the mentoring material.

Mission Statement

Creating a positive mindset through mentoring, education, sharing, uplifting, and uniting our “YOUTH” by focusing on the Four Cardinal Principles.​


ΩMEGA Academy


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The Talent Hunt Program is one of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity's National Projects.  The first Talent Hunt was held April 19, 1946, in Charlotte, NC.  The need for such a program was born out of the limited opportunities afforded to some American youth to develop and give full expression of their talents. This program provides exposure, encouragement and financial assistance to talented young high school students.  Presently, the Local and District Talent programs are competitive, whereas the National Program is a demonstration of first place winners from across the nation.


The original statement of the Talent Hunt idea included this expression: "Creative and outstanding capacities in any honorable activity should be eligible for consideration."  As a matter or convenience in presenting a public program, the public displays were limited to the field of music.  Since that time the Talent Hunt Program has been expanded to include all of the arts. 

Talent Hunt
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